Who is Glassy Brown?

As a small child, every Sunday my grandmother would bake me a delicious treat. She would make me a sweet potato pie, banana pudding and other southern treats, but she never made me oven baked cookies.

Every week I would take my allowance to the local corner store and purchase five chocolate chip cookies & some lemon cookies.  The cookies were delicious but never fresh.  Unfortunately my mom was not a baker, but was determined to get her daughter some cookies.  One day my mom purchased cookies for my brother and I in the mall.  The cookies were delicious! After eating my cookies, I asked my brother to share.  He declined and began to laugh.  His laughter gave me just the determination I would needed to be successful in this future endeavor.

In 1997, I graduated from Johnson C. Smith University in Charlotte, NC with a BSW and followed that with a MBA from Colorado Technical University.   I worked for the State of New Jersey for many years, helping to place children in good homes, but my soul desired homemade cookies.  I baked cookies for my work, my community, and my family, but it was not until I shipped a batch of cookies to my sister in Florida that everything changed.

After tasting my cookies she said, “Sissy I think you have a cookie business on your hands.” After years of contemplating, I decided to take a leap of faith and start my cookie business.  Here I am Glassy Brown Cookies!!!